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Mã hàng 9786048557553
Tên nhà cung cấp Minh Tâm
Tác giả David Cho
Trọng lượng(gr) 770
Kích thước 19 x 26
Số trang 420
Hình thức Bìa Mềm

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Hackers TOEIC Listening

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In this book, every Part of the TOEIC test has been presented and arranged in a roughty similar format with the following features:

1. A large collection of actual questions

A great number of actual questions have been collected and arrangJed to help you both practice and enhance your test-taking ability.

2. An MP3 CD for listening practice

An MP3 CD is provided to enable you to practice a variety of listening activitives to gradually familiarize yourself with the format and question types of the actual test.

3. Explanation of testing points, test-taking strategies, and study strategies

A wide range of testing points that you may encounter in the actual test is carefully explained. More importantly, test-taking srategies and study strategies and briefly pressented to facilitate your test training and learning.

4. Basic points for test-taking

All basics points are carefully analyzed to provide you with a good preparation for taking the actual test.

5. Commo expressions

Expressions that are frequently found in the TOEIC test aare presented in every section of the book and read out from the MP3 CD for you to learn and remember easily.6. Hackers Pratice and Hackers Test

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Hackers Practice and Hackers Test have been designed and regularly been provided with the aim of helping you apply the skills and strategies you have just learned in the preceding sections.

7. Power test

At the end of each Part, a Power Test which resembles the TOEIC, test in terms of degree of difficulty and question number is provided for you to check your progress.8. Two actual tests

After learning all the four parts, you will have an opportunity to do two actual tests to see your archievement.

9. Some major differences between American English and Bristish English

Some major differences between American English and Bristish English and additionally pointed put so as to reduce your difficulties in listening to variety of accents in the TOEIC Listening test.10. Useful vocabulary

Last but not least, nearly all vocabulary items that may be found in the TOEIC test have been presented in catelogies. Each items goes with a good examples and is read out to help you both to learn the vocabulary in context and improve your pronunciation by listening to the MP3 CD.

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